About Our School

Gonville School has a proud history of serving the Gonville community. First opened on 14 May, 1906 with only 27 students initially in the Wesley Church Hall in Cambridge Street, then in school buildings (Top School) built alongside the St Peter's Church buildings on Koromiko Road. Roll growth eventually saw the construction of the old school building on the school’s current site on Gonville Avenue. Over time the school has accommodated up to 839 students from NE to Standard 6 (Form 2 or Year 8). Images of the old school and top school capture the grandeur of the buildings , some of which were still being used into the 1960s.

Past students of the school hold fond memories of being able to ride their horses to school, the Gonville School band (bugles and drums), and the four school houses Elliot, Mansfield, Alexander and Rutherford. Students of the school during the war years share stories of trenches being dug into the fields at school and evacuation drills where they had 60 seconds to evacuate buildings and secure themselves in the trenches.

The Gonville School song is as much a part of our school today as it was in earlier years. It’s words convey Gonville pride and effort in striving to do the best you can in everything you do. ‘Blue our colours will remain’ reminds us of the significance of our longstanding school colours - the two shades of blue - light and dark which replaced the initial colour of maroon.