Principal's Message

Gonville School with a rich history, has served its community for over 111 years.

We are a passionate learning community on a thriving learning journey!  We have a talented and dedicated staff who know their learners and families well.

We are nestled in a unique urban environment with green walkways on site. Our children also have farm animals to care for.

We expect that all children who leap into our school are capable of becoming better than before learners (BTB) - KIA PAI AKE.  We have high expectations of our learners both in their learning capability and relationships.  We are committed to expanding our children's learning habits.  We share a common language for building a positive and productive learning to learn culture.  Our 4Cs and KC Kete are part of that learning culture.

We are determined to grow Powerful Learning (what our children experience) and Empowered Learners (what our learners become). Whether you are a big learner or little learner – it’s all about learning at Gonville School. Our children "croak" about their learning leaps and we are proud of them.

We are well supported by our wonderful BOT, FRoGS and community.

We look forward to sharing with you the leap-ahead achievements of our children and community.

Come and join us as we greet each day, ready to “leap into learning”.

Sarita Payne